What colors do you have available?

We have NEO Red, NEO Orange, NEO Yellow, NEO Green, NEO Blue, NEO Purple, NEO Silver (Silver Lining), NEO Chrome, NEO Gold, NEO Pink, NEO Black, NEO Sapphire.

Non-NEO Colors are also available (special order ONLY).

Are the Dragon Eyes pre-cut for my car?

No, the Dragon Eyes are not pre-cut. They are pre-cut rolls this allows for more versatility and value. There have been many complaints from other cheaper quality companies that the pre-cut kits tend to fall or peel off too easily because they are typically not accurately measured or undercut. This in turn leads to not having enough room, space, or material to properly wrap around the headlamp fully, resulting in undesirable long term results. We leave it in a roll that way if a customer chooses to take off their headlamps or bumper, they can better fully wrap around the headlamps and have better overall performance in looks and adhesion. We have a trim to fit any size* headlamp. Some customers have smaller headlights and this leaves them enough material to do their other lights such as foglight, turn signals, etc.

Why do people sometimes refer to your products as "Dragon Eyes"?

Most of our NEO laminates contain a greenish appearance in certain angles. However, all of our NEO Chrome Tint (Dragon Eyes) have wide color changing spectrum characteristics.

What does NEO Mean? 

NEO is short for NEOchrome effect (Not NEON).

What are the dimensions of the roll?

The dimensions are approximately 12 inches in width and 46 inches in length.

How many rolls will it require to do a set of headlights?

Typically two. The general rule of thumb is if you have long, big, or curvy headlights two rolls will be required.

Does the bumper need to be removed to apply your products?

Typically no, most of the time you can leave the bumper on but we recommend professional installation of our products. 

How long does it take to apply?

On average 30 minutes to 60 minutes by an experienced professional.

Should I apply your products via dry method (without water) ?

Although it can be done by a really good professional, we do not recommend it. In fact, will will not warranty this method if you choose to do so, do it at your own risk. Wet application is the safest and most effective method of installation. Please visit our installation page for more information.

Should I use a head light cleaning solution prior to installing your products? 

Absolutely Not. Doing will void any warranties. Some solvents/solutions/chemicals cause the glue or plastic to emulsify and discolor our products or make them non longer sticky. Such harmful chemicals should not be used in conjunction of installing/maintaining or cleaning our products.

I would like to install this myself, how easy is it to install?

It's fairly easy to install. You will need 2 spray bottles, 1 with 70% rubbing alcohol and straight water mix,  another for water spray bottle with straight water only, squeegee, razor blade, and a heat gun/hair dryer). Please visit our installation page for more information.

Do they effect the brightness/light output of my headlights?

You don't lose much light output, in fact some have reported better visibility and contrast due to its polarizing effects/properties in foul weather conditions. If you already have dim bulbs or colored bulbs that are pre-coated, ordering a darker laminate in addition would further effect the light output. If this is the case, we strongly urge you to not purchase our colored laminates if you plan on driving them on public roads. We offer clear headlight protection as an alternative. if you have ultra bright HID (High Intensity Discharge lights equipped by the OEM, light output won't be nearly affected as much.

Will your films change the headlight output color?

In short yes, it varies and also depends on the customer's selection. On some of our films, such as our NEO Silver Dragon Eyes, the amount of color change at a minimal and will shine mostly white.

What is the difference in your product versus the other cheaper stuff online?

First off, our products our better looking, high quality, and more durable. Dragon Laminates is the only product that provides a *Limited One Year Warranty (US CUSTOMERS ONLY). Please email us for full details. Unlike some of the Ebay stuff customers have reported buying previously have stated they fall off, fade within days or weeks, and leave a nasty residue that's nearly impossible to remove. Our material is thicker yet more flexible and more transparent (light output is more efficient). Chances are, if you are here reading this page, you have already bought cheap and inferior quality film from a different company or have experienced poor customer care and poor customer service elsewhere. Also, Other companies DFWU after they got your money. Ask any one of our customers, we take really good care of them! 

What's lifespan of the film?

How long they last will vary on the weather conditions of where you live.

Is the film shrinkable/stretchable?

Yes. We suggest using a heat gun to shrink it and a steam gun to  stretch it.

In case I need to remove the film, will it come off?

Dragon Laminates can easily be removed with a heat gun or steamer. Keep in mind, if you are trying to remove the film and salvage it for later use, we do not warranty this. It is recommended that you use a steam gun to remove the laminates. It also helps to remove it slowly and gently. Do not yank it off.

Do you ship to outside of the U.S.A/International?

Yes, however there is no insurance and tracking unless the customer optionally upgrades to Express Shipping via United States Postal Service.

Do you ship to U.S. Military Bases?


Do you have an Express Shipping option?

Yes, US and Canadian customers can opt for express shipping during check out for an additional fee.

I just placed an order, how long will it take to get my product?

It generally takes 1-2 business days to process your order. If you live in the U.S. we ship out our products using Priority Mail via USPS. Depending on where you live it can take up to 3 business days once your order has been received and processed.

I just purchased some Dragon Laminates from your website and brought it to my local tint shop and they messed up, is it under warranty?

No. We will not warranty any work done by any unauthorized resellers/installers. Dragon Laminates authorized retailers/installers are familiar with our product and have the skills, experience, and training necessary to properly install our products.

I just purchased some generic chameleon headlight film online, if i take it to an authorized Dragon Laminates installer will they guarantee their work?

Hell no! You must be smokin'.

I think i might have received imperfect film. What do I do now?

Although we thoroughly inspect our films, it is possible the film may have "shifted" and caused ripples or air bubbles in the film. If you run into this issue, DO NOT, we repeat DO NOT throw it away. Please send it back to us at PO Box 18877, San Jose, CA 95158. Also don't forget to notify us at www.dragonlaminates.com/contact. We will not warranty or replace any products that we do not receive back for inspection.

What are your regular business hours?

Regular business hours are 10:00AM to 4:00OPM (PST) Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday. Orders placed after 4PM PST might not be processed until the next business day.

Are they legal/illegal?

YOLO LOL - Please check your local/state motor vehicle laws. Most states and countries allow amber, yellow, or white lights as headlights. Our NEO Gold produces yellow output, our NEO Orange produces amber output, and our NEO Silver produces similar kelvin to your original headlights. Infact some of our products such as NEO Silver, Neo Blue, and Neo Purple can not be detected at night night. The output the same Kelvin (Color Temperature) as OEM Factory HIDs. Neo Red applied to Tail lights at night night show only red and are highly visible. Our products are legal to sell in the US and Canada, and even install. For the most part, All our colored films are designed for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY, although some colors may be permitted in some areas were you live. We are not responsible for any citations that may occur from improper usage and are we WILL NOT compensate you in any way, shape or form.  Your due dilagence is required prior to ordering.

Our Non NEO Head Light Laminates are available (special order) such as clear, smoked, amber, yellow (are legal in most states/provinces in the US/CANADA. Refer to DMW VC 25950.


How do I install Dragon Laminates?


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